Service Verticals

Each vertical has been carefully chosen to make your IP journey a pleasant encounter. Peruse through our list of solutions which may help you in assessing your requirements; otherwise, reach out to us and let us help you assess the same.

Our meticulously curated processes assist the client in finding the right path for them. Our technical experts provide appropriate solutions with customized deliverables through appropriately assessing the client’s needs/requirements.

IP Development Services

The value of an intellectual property can be measured by the value of the mind that possesses it, as well as the manner in which it has been developed.

IP Prosecution Services

Scope, or boundaries are defined by an outline of chalk laid on the ground .In the field of IP, the position of this chalk line is assessed by rating an IP on its core criterion, and by way of robust prosecution.



IP Management And Monetization

Assets provide profits and when an IP has been granted, it becomes an asset for the applicant. This IP must be appropriately managed and thereon, monetized.

End-To-End Support Services

These service verticals assist you throughout the life cycle of your IP through all three phases of Development, Prosecution and Management & Monetization by reducing your work load effectively.